Is there a way to register for summer camp without paying upfront?

Yes. For summer 2020, we are accepting registrations with a fully-refundable $50 initial deposit with the understanding of full payment prior to the 2020 schedule session. 

We know this is a complicated time financially for families, but we also know that families value the importance of camp. Being outside, with friends, while gaining a new understanding appreciation for T1D are important for our families and we want to allow you to make a commitment to summer even if you have concerns about your short-term financial situation.

Will there be camp in 2020?

We are fully anticipating and preparing for a full summer camp season in 2020. Programs are being developed, staff are being hired and we are even committing to a construction project to make sure we have capacity for all the campers we will need to serve this summer.

At the same time, we are aware this is a dynamic situation that may lead us to alternative paths to maintain camper safety. If needed, we are prepared to have a shortened camp season or several other options if the need arises. In the end, we will have as full a camp season and experience as we are safely able to have this year.

What role will camp have when COVID-19 has passed?

We believe that this summer season will potentially be the most important ever for our campers. After a time of social distancing and loss of connection through school and work, there is a need for relational connection. There will be a need to outdoor activity and deep breaths as we all process this experience.

Camp is designed to meet these needs. In addition to a return to “normal” life, a week at camp will encourage your camper to connect with others as we enjoy the camp activities that will stretch their legs and soothe their soul. Moments around campfires singing songs and sharing stories will be not just a camp experience but it will be a way to restore all of us to living the “new normal”. 

Is there a refund/cancellation policy in relation to COVID-19?

While we anticipate returning to full camp operation as soon as safely possible, yes, we have modified our refund policy for this situation. If circumstances have led your family to a difficult financial situation, this policy is designed to give you relief.

At the same time, please remember that your registration fees and commitments are the resources we need to prepare for another great camp season. It’s a delicate balance, but we want to work with our families to make sure everyone is cared for and safe. You can find more information on our Cancellation/Refund Policy HERE

What happens if a camper or staff member shows symptoms or tests positive?

We are hard at work developing policies, procedures, and guidelines to help guide the direction of our camp operation in the safest possible way. Our Medical Committee is working with state and local governments to ensure that if camp were to operate, we have mitigated all risks to the best of our ability including additional screenings, stockpile of PPE, social distancing and isolation plans, revised group size, staggered meals, and so much more. 

Once our policies are finalized and approved, we will be sharing them with our families.