Masters for Max Tournament – 2020

The Masters for Max Tournament for 2020 has been POSTPONED due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please check back periodically for information regarding a rescheduled date for the 2020 tournament. 

Do you like golf?  Do you like helping kids?  Do you like supporting great causes?  Do you have a serious gambling problem? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place, my friend!  It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2019 Masters for Max (M4M) Challenge, a tournament within the greatest golf tournament of the year. 

The M4M Challenge gives you the chance to win considerable cash while supporting Camp Ho Mita Koda and kids with Type 1 Diabetes.  Last year we had 2,000 entries from across the globe (with participants from 5 different continents), and the contest contributed over $32,000 to fund camp scholarships for kids who could not afford the truly life-changing experience of Camp Ho Mita Koda.  Since its inception, this little competition has donated over $80,000 to diabetes-related charities.  Fist bump!

Let’s not forget, though, that you could win some serious loot.  Our 2018 winner took home $12,300.  Our 3 second place finishers each took home $2,700.  Heck, even the prize for dead last was $750.  I anticipate this year our pot will be bigger than ever, and if you make the right picks, it could all be yours.



FIRST, enter your payment by following along on this site.  Please note, since you have the chance to win money, your team entry donation is not tax deductible.  However, ANY EXTRA DONATION BEYOND THE MINIMUM IS 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  If you want to enter 1 team, then pay $20.  If you want to enter 2 teams, then pay $30.  75% of all entry fees go to the winners of our contest, and 25% is directed to Camp Ho Mita Koda to fund camp scholarships for kids with Type 1 Diabetes.  While there is certainly no obligation, the good karma you receive from any EXTRA donation will bring you worldwide adoration and good luck in this year’s tournament.  In all seriousness, I appreciate ALL participants, but I am always extremely grateful for the little (and sometimes considerable) extra many of you have historically donated*.  Keep in mind that the already subsidized cost of sending one child to camp for a week is $700.  Donate that much and I will commission an oil painting of your handsome face to be hung in the Smithsonian for future generations to admire.  Seriously, any little extra helps.

*Over the years I have had multiple extremely generous people make $1,000 donations.  If you happen to know any billionaires who would enjoy shattering that record, please let them know about this contest. 


ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE DONATED are you eligible to enter the Masters pool.  After you have paid you will receive payment confirmation and see a link to the team entry website that allows you to choose your 4 player team from 4 categories (Top 8 in the world, Remaining Top 25 in the world, Remaining Americans, Remaining Internationals). PLEASE NOTE:  I WILL BE CROSS-REFERENCING NAMES & EMAIL ADDRESSES.  IF YOU DO NOT DONATE HERE AT THE CAMP HO MITA KODA WEBSITE, YOUR TEAM WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN.

Note to first time M4M Participants:  Once I have a final tally of all entry fees I will send a breakdown of all the prize payouts, but at a minimum, there will be prizes for the Top 5 finishers (this year 1st place will receive ~35% of the pot, and I anticipate 1st place will again exceed $10,000), Dead Last, “Most Mediocre” (i.e. the team that finishes exactly in the middle of all entries), as well as some other new prizes at my discretion this year (you’ll have to wait and see). 

Also, if you’re on Instagram, follow M4Max2019 for Leaderboards, updates and random gifs and images related to the unfolding tournament action.  I’ll also email Leaderboards and a summary of each day’s action at the end of each round. 

Finally, as most of you know, I named this tournament after my 11-year-old son Max, who was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 3.  I know there are many in this pool who are affected by T1D, and I salute you, particularly those who battle this lifelong disease every single day.  Like my son Max, you are my heroes.

Enough.  It’s time to pay your entry and make your picks.  It’s time for…The Masters.  

Once you’ve registered and made your donation, you’ll receive an email with payment confirmation and a link to the official Masters for Max website which contains all the official rules and allows you to choose your team(s).  Please make sure to SUBMIT your teams on the tournament site.

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS 12:00 MIDNIGHT PDT on Wednesday, April 10th.

P.S. – Please spread the word – Feel free to forward this site to anyone you know who would like to play.  More players =  bigger pot and more $ that gets donated.  Thank you!