Welcome From Our Director! 

Welcome to the Camp Ho Mita Koda Family!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome your child and family to Camp Ho Mita Koda for the 2019 season. Our home away from home and inclusive community revolves around making friendships, taking healthy steps toward proper diabetes management, and establishing a sense of place for each and every camper as they embark on their own personal T1D journey.

I am ecstatic to return for my 21st consecutive year at camp and first in the role of Camp Director! I was once a camper here at CHMK, and it has been my dream to provide the same amount of care, knowledge, support, and opportunities for growth that I received at such a young age. It is my goal this summer to encourage active and healthy lifestyles, while providing essential skills that will transcend to life beyond camp, including how to count carbs, a foundational understanding of proper management, and the cultivation of forever friendships.

I am so excited to share all of our new ideas and program updates that we will be implementing in summer 2019! From my first-hand experience, I can truthfully say that your camper will experience world class care overseen by an incredibly talented and capable staff team that we have we have put together. I can’t wait to meet all of you this summer and am counting down the days until we welcome you all to the magic of Camp Ho Mita Koda!

Yours truly,
Abigail Holbrook, Camp Director

Where is Camp?

Camp Ho Mita Koda
14040 Auburn Road
Newbury, OH 44065

How Can I Contact Camp?

Please call our Camp Office at 440-739-4095 or reach us by email at info@camphomitakoda.org.

How Can I Purchase CHMK Merchandise?

Visit our online store to buy water bottles, caps, t-shirts and more!

Where Can I See Photos of Camp?

We upload photos nightly during your child’s camp week. You will receive an email with the instructions on how to access camp photos.

How Can I Make Changes to My Camper’s Session?

Login to your online account to update emergency contacts, add a friend request or update medical information.  Please email info@camphomitakoda.org or call 440-739-4095 to cancel/transfer sessions. Our camp team will confirm your request quickly.

What Time is Camp?

A one-week session of overnight camp runs from Sunday – Saturday. More information on specific times for drop off and pickup will be emailed to parents prior to their session. 

A one-week session of day camp runs from Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm. 
– Drop Off begins at 8:30am
– Pick Up begins at 4:00pm 

Quick Facts

Drop Off & Pick Up

In order to provide each family with a personalized check-in experience with our onsite doctors, CHMK has designated check-in times for each activity group and request that you drop-off at your designated time to ensure a smooth check-in process. Your activity group assignment will be emailed to you two-weeks prior to your scheduled session. After the check-in process, parents/guardians will have the option of taking a self-guided tour of our facilities or depart. Please plan an hour for registration from arrival to departure.

After an incredible week of camp, kiddos head home on Saturday morning. More information on arrival times for your specific group will be emailed out to parents ahead of pickup. Get ready for the tears of campers who just cant leave camp behind! 

Visiting Camp
We do not allow visitation while your child is enrolled as we have found it can be a difficult experience for a child away from home. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter as it will be a great help to your child and many others in their adjustment to camp life. If parents/guardians would like to schedule a tour prior to their camper’s session, they may do so by contacting the director or signing up for a tour.

Parent Day

Plan on staying at camp for awhile during pick up. Feeling left out from the fun you see in the pictures? This day is for you, the parents, to experience a bit of the magic of Camp Ho Mita Koda! We will have closing ceremonies and then provide you all with the opportunity to go paddling, hiking and more with your child. Families will be able to participate in 2-3 activities in the time allotted. More information will be available prior to your specific parent day. 


At Camp Ho Mita Koda, campers are unplugged!  This is intentional, as we want campers to give their eyes a rest from staring at the TV, computer and phones, give their thumbs a rest from texting and playing video games, as well as give their ears a rest from their earbuds and headphones.  They do not come to camp with phones, computers, iPods, etc. so they can have fun playing in the great outdoors as well as talking and building lasting relationships with both campers and counselors.

Campers will love receiving mail at camp, and they are encouraged to write home as often as possible!  Writing letters has almost become a lost art, but it is an important skill that all campers will work on at camp!  Parents appreciate that our counselors take the time to send you hand-written mail during the term as well.

Parents, email is also a convenient way for you to contact your camper, but please note, they will not have access to a computer to email back.  

While campers do not have access to a phone, please feel free to call and talk with our staff at any time for information, concerns or suggestions about your camper’s stay.  When calling to speak with our staff, a message will be taken and the call returned at a specific time. You can reach us at 440-739-4095 or info@camphomitakoda.org

Mail & Packages

We encourage you to WRITE YOUR CAMPER frequently.  At camp, mail is a BIG DEAL!  Your camper will enjoy receiving cards, letters and emails, and they are encouraged to write you back and share their camp experience with you.  Mail is delivered to campers after lunch Monday – Thursday.

Camp Ho Mita Koda allows parents to EMAIL their camper during his/her stay at camp for FREE.  Please put your child’s name and cabin number in the subject line and send to info@camphomitakoda.org

The mailing address is:
Camp Ho Mita Koda
14040 Auburn Road
Newbury, OH 44065


Though mail is highly encouraged, outside packages are not.  Family and friends are asked NOT to send OUTSIDE PACKAGES to campers.  Any package will be returned to sender.  This policy was implemented because in the past, the high volume of packages created a distraction from the true purpose of camp, a messy cabin environment, unnecessary competition amongst campers and pressure on parents to send something routinely to campers.  Additionally, the excessive number of outside packages made it more difficult to manage our wholesome camp environment and monitor what is being sent into camp.

If there is a special need or birthday, please contact the office at 440-739-4095 or info@camphomitakoda.org

Packing List

Need to know what to bring with you this summer to Camp Ho Mita Koda? Refer to our packing list below. 

Campers should bring their belongings to camp in a soft-sided duffel or suitcase in order to fit underneath the cabin’s bunk beds. It is fine to pack some items in a labeled laundry bag or duffle bag. Please do NOT bring expensive outfits, jewelry or equipment to camp.

All camper belongings should be LABELED with their first and last name!

Click here for 2019 packing list: 



Account Changes

Where can I upload forms and update camper information?
You can update your camper’s basic information, make payments, and complete required forms in your online account here. For assistance, please call our main office at 440-739-4095.

How can I make changes to my camper’s session?
Please email info@camphomitakoda.org or call us at 440-739-4095 to cancel or transfer sessions.