“Happiness lies in achieving the maximum of adaptation” 
– Dr. Henry John

Every night after Evening Activity, we gather as a camp in a circle, lock arms, and sing the (full) Friendship Circle song followed by Taps and reflect on our day’s activities, our friends and our place at Camp Ho Mita Koda, today and always.

Camp Ho Mita Koda is steeped in traditions. Indeed, our staff training pre-camp is called Traditions because we believe our staff needs to understand our past to fully embrace what makes Camp Ho Mita Koda so special.


Kodian Award

The Kodian Award is given to one boy and one girl camper from each session who express the following qualities while at camp:

Outstanding Campership
Divine Spirit

Cabin Plaques

When Dr. John and Betty John and their work crew came to Camp Ho Mita Koda in 1929 to build the initial buildings, they made a plaque and placed it on our Dining Hall wall. Since then, every camper and staff member to come through Camp Ho Mita Koda has had their names on their cabin plaque, which also hang in the Dining Hall. Plaques tie us together across the generations and make for great artwork to view during meals. Each summer, former campers contact us and ask if their plaque is still on the wall and are amazed to see their plaques with the names of their great friends from their childhood.