Pre-seThe following is an outline of our pay scale for seasonal summer staff. The pay scale is our way of making salaries consistent for the entire staff. However, if you have unique qualifications not stated in the outline, please contact our office to discuss your situation. The 2021 season runs from June 7 – July 31, 2021.


Position *Weekly Contract Rate (1st-year staff)
Field Staff  
Instructor/Counselor $280
Lifeguard $260
Media Specialist                        Volunteer Position


Camp Director (25+) $450 
Manager of Camper Experience (21+) $350
Challenge Course Supervisor (21+) $300
Aquatics Supervisor (21+) $300
Kitchen & Support  
Director of Dining Services $500
Assistant Cook $300
Kitchen Assistant $225
Dining Hall Manager $225
Facilities Assistant $250
Dietetic Consultant Volunteer Position
Dietetic Intern Volunteer Position
Registered Nurse $700
Clinic Assistant $260
Overnight Assistant $275
Covering/Attending Volunteer Position
Medical Doctor Volunteer Position
Nursing/PA Students Volunteer Position
Residents/Fellows Volunteer Position

 *Weekly rates are pro-rated to a daily rate if days at camp are less than the full session (7-days). 
*Pre-season staff training is unpaid. 

CHMK is proud to offer a one-time contract addition to the daily base salary for staff who complete a minimum of two-weeks (14 days) during the season. The increase is only available for certifications outside of the scope of the job hired for and is payable at the conclusion of the season. 

A one-time contract increase is made for the following situations:

Returning Staff ( ≥ 4 weeks prior summer) $0-$500 Increase Annually  *Based on performance evaluation
Returning Staff ( <4 weeks prior summer) $0-$250 Increase Annually  *Based on performance evaluation
Lifeguard Certification $50  
USA Archery – Level 1/2 $50
ACCT Challenge Course Facilitator $50
ServSafe Certification $50
ACA Level 1 or 2 (kayak/canoe/sup) $50
Bachelor’s Degree $100
Certified Diabetes Educator $150
Certified Nurse Practitioner $200


Pre/Post Camp Paid Work

All Staff $12.00

Travel Stipend
The travel stipend award is calculated by the distance to CHMK from the address listed in our online employment system. The travel stipend is included in the final check of the season and is only paid out upon successful completion of your contract, for staff who complete a minimum of two-weeks (14 days ) during the season. A staff that is terminated, resigns or chooses not to work prior to the dates specified in the agreement are not eligible for the stipend.

101 – 300 miles +$100.00
301 – 500 miles +$150.00
501 – 700 miles +$200.00
700+ miles +$250.00