The Gnome Man’s Walk
May 16 – June 25, 2021

One hundred years ago, everything about Richard Humphreys’ plan would be impossible. 

One hundred years ago, a man like 78-year-old Humphreys probably wouldn’t have lived as long as he has. 

But a century after insulin was first introduced as a medical treatment, one of CHMK’s most beloved and influential leaders and friend, who has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 64 years is planning to walk 380 miles, from Pennsylvania to Ohio.

Ending at the Banting Wall at Camp Ho Mita Koda, during their 92nd season of operation and the 100th anniversary of the founding of insulin, Humphreys will be greeted by a full camp of smiling children and staff eagerly waiting to show their gratitude and thanks.  


Kirkwood’s ‘Gnome Man’ plans to walk 380 miles to a Type 1 diabetes camp 

On May 16, Humphreys will strap on his pack with his tent and supplies, pick up his handmade rattlesnake-skin walking stick – a gift from his friend Dale Kirkpatrick – and begin his journey. 

He’ll depart his home, which abuts his Gnome Countryside nature trail, a creation that has provided education and inspiration for thousands. His destination is Camp Ho Mita Koda. Read the full story HERE.

All donations will benefit Camp Ho Mita Koda and our Campership Program. In order for the donation to be credited to Rich and his walk, please include a brief note or simply write “Gnome Man” in the provided space for the donation. Without a note, the funds will not be credited appropriately. All donations are fully tax deductible. 


Humphreys’ 2020 book, “A Sweet Life: Seven Unexpected Blessings of Living with Diabetes”, written with help from his friend Robin Moore, details his life with diabetes, his love of nature, children, walking and his ability to find blessing in unexpected places. Readers looking for inspiration and spiritual insights will find plenty in Humphreys’ pages.

$3.99 for a Kindle edition or $10 for a paperback available on Amazon.